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The Tao of You: Finding Your Sweet Spot

I think life is pretty sweet. There can be a magical quality to it. That place where life is flowing in the way that you need it to, effortlessly. You feel on path, on task, and you're in the fold of life, and have access to all its goodness and gifts. You've found your Sweet Spot.

But its also easy to lose our grasp on it, feel lost and left behind by life. In this darker space, we feel abandoned, and cast outside the reach of life's bounty. This place is NO FUN. We want the good stuff! To feel vibrant, and creative, and perfectly placed in our lives.

So how do you get there in the first place? Or get back there when you're lost? Taoism's wisdom would say that its just about getting back on path. That space of effortless creative potential, that Sweet Spot is in fact, always there. On that note, I'd like to introduce you to a way there- a quality that you possess that will get you there. A technique, even: your INTUITION.

My patients hear my jabbering on about this all the time- because its big. Its right at the center of all that you desire. Its your inner voice, guidance,....all of those things that you've heard before. Its whats going to get you there- to your Sweet Spot. And, I believe everyone has a divine right to live in that delicious place. So, here's a look at how to tap in:

Get to know your inner voice. As new-agey as that sounds, you do have this quiet, calm voice inside of you, in the background of all the chatter of your conscious mind. You've heard it- its that 'No Way' message when someone or something just feels wrong. And, its that noticeable energy drop when you're hanging around someone who drains you. Its also that draw to certain colors, places, and people that you have. Its when you "just know" that you've met the man or woman of your dreams.

Practice looking for intuitive signs. These come as quiet knowings, subtle urgings, and feelings in your body. So, look there- in the body, instead of your mind. Try getting out of your head and feel what your intuition is telling you, and follow it like a set of wise directions. These directions get you on the path toward right career moves, relationships, and really all that you desire. Give it a whirl- settle into yourself and receive some messages. Intuition is never wrong. Enjoy the Sweet Spot.

Happy Practicing!

Be well,

Dr. Claudia

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