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Welcome to Integrative Psychology & Wellness!

Its all connected.

My practice is built solely on the idea that the capacity to heal is innate, and that healing is always a mind-body process. When we seek balance within the dynamic internal environment of mind and body, then healing occurs.

What does this mean in my practice?

In my practice, I look at where things stand not only in your mental head space (beliefs, symptoms, emotional patterns), but also look at what your body is up to- what its telling you. I look at some significant areas of function, such as nutrition, movement of energy, and life passion, to find out what is getting stuck, and to help identify what you need to get flowing again.

Unlike many psychologists, I don’t just concentrate on your head. The rest of you-shoulders on down- has as much of an impact on your mental health and wellbeing as your mind. My passion is creating an inspired and creative space for you to find empowerment to change and heal. I’ve seen it happen so many times before. And you can do it too.

Be well,

Dr. Claudia

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