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Whats your Emotional Thread?

Raise your hand if you feel all over the place sometimes.... more than sometimes? Most of us do. Day to day, our emotions fluctuate. Different things pull at us, set us off, get us caught up in one of those thought storms that can take you on a tumultuous emotional journey. Those, are your emotional threads.

Now that you've been introduced, there is something you can do about them. But, first things first- you should probably get to know them. Because, here's why: they're always pulling at you, and setting you off. AND- they're the same threads over and over again. Have you ever noticed that the same tape plays in your head? Same narrative about your life that brings you down? Thats your thread. And, you're good friends. After all- you are spending a lot of time together. So, best to get to know them and learn how to work together. You can try jotting these down when they happen to keep track.

When you know how to spot these threads, working with them becomes easier. Its all about emotion management. Emotions are meant to be felt- not thought about. So, when a familiar thread gets pulled, let yourself feel it. Ride the wave, and let it go. Breathe through it to help keep you from straying into your thoughts. When the storm's over, you'll still be standing. Being fully "in" an emotion takes some practice. But when you do this, you'll feel and let go with no repercussions- no ruminating, no suffering. And, enjoy the feeling of being freed of daily emotional turmoil that weighs you down.

Be well,

Dr. Claudia

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