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Read below to learn more about Dr. Claudia's Holistic approach, and ways to work with her. 

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About Me

Dr. Claudia is a Clinical Health Psychologist with expertise in Holistic Psychology and Wellness.

Dr. Claudia received her B.A. from George Washington University and an M.A in Psychology from Boston University, before completing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.  


After having served as the Chief of Behavioral Health in a large clinic, Dr. Claudia transitioned to focus her work in Health Psychology as a Staff Clinician at Boston Behavioral Medicine.


Currently, Dr. Claudia holds an Adjuct Professor position at Lesley University, and owns Holistic Psychology & Wellness, a private practice with expertise in the HolisticTreatment of mental health conditions and Wellness services.

White Sands

What is Holistic Psychology?

When you look Holistically at the mind and body- you can see they are in an integrated,, inherently whole and intelligent system designed to find its way to equilibrium.  When we are out of balance, our suffering is expressed in undifferentiated form- in both the mind and body, and our symptoms are the clues. A Holistic approach to psychology means looking at both the mind and body to heal, and trusting the inherent wholeness at your core to guide you there.


So along with the psychological work of tending to emotions, the body must be tended to as well. A holistic approach means looking at how our whole selves are functioning- thoughts, emotions, spirituality,  nutrition, exercise, energy levels-  to optimize mental wellness. When we trust in what are minds and bodies are telling us, we can find the keys to healing.

What techniques are used?

My brand of Holistic  psychotherapy focuses on finding inner wisdom that yields a profound shift toward healing. When you find your center, your wholeness is revealed. From this place, I guide you to...

  • uncover patterns

  • use the wisdom of awareness and metabolizing emotions, and

  • practice mind-body techniques (meditation, exercise, functional nutrition) 


...that reliably help you address the relationship between your symptoms, and find your way back home to yourself.

Work With Me

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Holistic Psychotherapy

Contact Dr. Claudia to become a new patient.


Wellness Consulting

Consult with Dr. Claudia individually or for your organization to learn holistic wellness strategies.

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